Forces will be combined to prosecute criminals of totalitarian regimes 23.08.2017

On Wednesday, 23 August, the minister of justice Dzintars Rasnačs participated in the international conference dedicated to the day of remembrance for victims of communist and Nazi regimes.

The conference started with a silent moment, commemorating the recent victims of terrorist attacks in the Member States of the European Union.

There was a discussion during the international conference on the next steps to be taken to ensure a comprehensive combating of crimes of the totalitarian regime and crimes against humanity. Participants of the discussion included officials of the ministries of justice from Latvia, Slovakia, Great Britain, Malta, Estonia, Bulgaria, Austria, Finland, Croatia, Lithuania, Ireland, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Sweden, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Georgia and Moldova.

During his speech to the participants of the conference the minister of justice Dzintars Rasnačs emphasized that crimes against humans do not and cannot have a statute of limitations. Currently it is important to strengthen the current cooperation between the international non-governmental organisations in order to address the crimes of totalitarian regimes in a comprehensive manner. The minister highlighted the most important works to be performed - development of a common methodology for calculation of losses caused as a result of occupation, informing the national prosecutor offices about the facts related to crimes against humanity, and strengthening the influence of the countries affected by the occupation regimes in the United Nations.
The minister of justice considered that the discussion on the Estonian initiative to establish a Council - an international organisation on investigation of crimes committed by communist regimes - is still in the initial stage. Considering the legal and political nature of the issue, the minister alleged that the support of both, the government as well as the parliament of Latvia, will be required.

On 23 August of this year the conference dedicated to the remembrance for victims of totalitarian regimes was organized by the Ministry of Justice of Estonia in cooperation with the Estonian Institute of Historical Memory within the framework of the Estonian presidency of the Council of the European Union.


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