Joint statement of the Ministers of Justice of Latvia and Estonia 21.08.2018

On Tuesday, August 21, the governments of Latvia and Estonia in a joint statement communicated that both Estonia and Latvia commemorates victims of the occupation regimes  and values collaboration in preservation and explanation of the historic heritage in order to secure independence, democracy, and rule of law in our countries.

The Ministers of Justice of Latvia and Estonia stress that it is important to solve matters as to the calculation of loses caused by the Soviet occupation and finding out whether it is possible to receive compensation from the succeeding country of the Soviet Union, that is, Russian Federation.

The Estonian Minister of Justice familiarized the Latvian Minister of Justice with the legal study from the perspective of international law detailing the possible further activities.

The Minister of Justice of Latvia laid out possible activities to settle the matter on the level of the United Nations.

From the perspective of the rule of law and international rights, the Ministers of Justice of Latvia and Estonia agree that it is crucial to collaborate on interpretation of the consequences of the Soviet occupation so that the justice would be on the side of victims of the Soviet occupation and our countries; furthermore, the Ministries of Justice of Latvia and Estonia will continue to collaborate and share information and knowledge.


Dzintars Ransačs

Urmas Reinsalu


Riga, 21st August 2018

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