The Minister of Justice is to attend in Estonia an international conference and memorial events of victims of totalitarian regimes 22.08.2018

On Thursday, 23rd August, Dzintars Rasnačs, the Minister of Justice, is to attend in Tallinn an international conference dedicated for the day remembrance of victims of Stalinism and Nazi regimes in order to discuss further cooperation between the Baltic States on investigation of totalitarian regimes. During the visit the Minister will also attend events dedicated to the day of remembrance.

“The memorial events organized by Estonia is a great contribution to the awakening of consciousness of the humanity with a clear signal that such offences cannot be accepted, forgotten, or repeated. I wish to stress that it is crucial to step forward in terms what we do and strengthen our capacity, thus strengthening the role of countries, who have suffered under occupation regimes, in the United Nations (UN). It is essential to inform representatives of other UN Member States of occupation and its consequences,” emphasizes Dzintars Rasnačs, the Minister of Justice, who also stresses the role of collaboration between the Baltic States and international non-governmental organizations.

The Minister praises the initiative and willpower of our neighboring country and invites to continue the cooperation and learn the most important aspects of the Estonian experience – the system of places of imprisonment, unified center of expertise, mechanisms of recovery of means of support, protection of the official language, as well as collaboration between the courts and notaries.


Additional information:

On 21st August the governments of Latvia and Estonia communicated in a joint statement that both Estonia and Latvia commemorates victims of the occupation regimes  and values collaboration in preservation and explanation of the historic heritage in order to secure independence, democracy, and rule of law in our countries.

Since the European Parliament declared in 2008 that August 23rd shall be the Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism, every year in different EU Member States there have been  international events to commemorate victims of totalitarian regimes.

This year on 23rd August the conference dedicated to the remembrance of victims of totalitarian regimes was organized by the Estonian Ministry of Justice and the Estonian Institute of Historical Memory.

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