Press release

On Thursday, July 1, amendments to the Civil Procedure Law came into force, which provides for the right of the court to oblige perpetrators to undergo a social rehabilitation course to reduce violent behaviour. The purpose of the amendments to the law is to prevent and reduce further risks of violence, as well as to act preventively so that situations of violence do not recur or at least decrease by correcting a person's violent behavioural habits.

The amendments to the law envisage the obligation of the abusive person to complete a social rehabilitation course to reduce violent behaviour within one year from the day of receiving the court decision, as well as impose an obligation on the abusive person to partially cover the costs of social rehabilitation courses. The amount of the co-payment depends on how long after the court decision the violent person starts taking the courses. Namely, if the courses are started within six months from the date of receipt of the court decision, then the co-payment is provided in the amount of only ten percent of the course costs.

The abusive person will have to attend the courses at the social rehabilitation institution specified in the court decision.  In case the perpetrator does not fulfil the obligations specified by law, he or she will be subject to criminal liability.

In order to protect the rights of an individual, an application for temporary protection from violence may be submitted to the court by the victim or the orphan's and custody court, if the child's parent or guardian has not submitted an application, by requesting the court to oblige the abusive person to complete the courses for the management of violent behaviour (as well as other measures for protection from violence). At the same time, it can be submitted through the police.

The temporary protection introduced by the amendments to the law is expected to be an effective way to reduce the occurrence of violent situations and address the risks of violence in society in the long run.