Press release

On Tuesday, February 26, “Free Legal Profession Days 2019” start, within the framework of which inhabitants will have a possibility to get free consultations of sworn notaries, sworn bailiffs, sworn advocates and certified mediators during the time period from 26 February to 20 March, when settling different legal issues.


Schedule of events of the Free Legal Profession Days

From 26 to 27 February - Notaries Days

Within the framework of Notaries Days inhabitants will have a possibility to find out what does the future authorisation means.

Free consultations will take place at sworn notaries offices across the whole Latvia between 10:00 and 15:00 o'clock. Information about the offices of sworn notaries in Latvia is available on



From 6 to 7 March - Sworn Bailiffs Days

Sworn bailiffs will consult inhabitants on the rights and obligations of debtors and debt-collectors.

Free consultations will take place across the whole Latvia at all bailiffs during the relevant working hours of their offices. It is preferred to apply in advance for a consultation with the particular sworn bailiff. Contact addresses of the sworn bailiffs are available on



From 11 to 15 March - Advocacy Days

Within the framework of the Advocacy Days the professionals of the area will consult inhabitants on the issues of immovable property.

Information about the places and times of consultations of advocates is available on the website of the Chamber of Sworn Advocates of the Republic of Latvia at  Before the consultancy it is required to apply with the particular advocate in advance.



From 18 to 20 March - Mediation Days

During Mediation Days the certified mediators will provide free consultations on the possibilities for settlement of disagreements in an extra-judicial way, maintaining respectful relations.

Information about the consultation places of mediators will be soon published on:

At the same time with consultations in presence also consultations via phone will be provided between 10:00 and 16:00 o’clock.


It will be possible to get consultations also on other topics being of interest to inhabitants.