Press release

On Thursday, January 24, Janis Bordans commenced service in the office of the Minister of Justice and announced two work meetings – with the management of the Ministry of Justice and the Committee for Calculation of Losses Caused by USSR Occupation.

During the meeting Raivis Kronbergs, the State Secretary, and Deputy State Secretaries reported on topical matters to the Minister of Justice. To plan the further work agenda and learn priorities in the justice system, the Minister clarified the most important matters pertaining to the law policy, justice system, foreign cooperation and strategy of the Ministry of Justice. The meeting also served as a platform for introducing the representatives of the Ministry with the members of the prospective office – Aldis Bukss (Aldis Bukšs), the head of the Office of the Minister, and Juris Jurass (Juris Jurašs), the Parliamentary Secretary.

During the meeting with the Committee for Calculation of Losses Caused by USSR Occupation the Minister of Justice listened to reports on the achievements of the Commission up until now as well as work plans in 2019. The Minister also asked the Commission to provide most topical information as to the preparatory works for the international conference to be held on 22nd March 2019. During the meeting the Commission presented to the Minister an overview drawn by historian Janis Riekstins (Jānis Riekstiņš) concerning 2018 study “Escape of deported Latvians from Siberian special settlements”, as well as informed about 2019 study “Document collection “Crimes committed in Latvia by the USSR occupation army” 1940-1990”. At the end of the meeting, Jānis Bordāns praised the work of the Commission and showed willingness to help in the further efforts of the Commission.


Additional information:

The Commission was established on 5th August 2005 and operated until 1st August 2009, when due to the crisis its operations were temporarily suspended; following the suggestion by Jānis Bordāns, the Minister of Justice, the Commission was re-established in 2013.