On Thursday, 27 February, during the final reading the Saeima supported amendments to the Office of the Prosecutor Law and in the Law on Judicial Power, developed by the Ministry of Justice, introducing an open competition for selection of candidates for the office of the prosecutor general.

The Minister of Justice Jānis Bordans considers: "The new procedure for selection of the prosecutor general is a significant step towards progressive changes in the field of justice, and in particular, the office of prosecutor. Selection of the next candidate for the office of the prosecutor general will not be decided unilaterally, but it will be performed by a collegial body - Judicial Council.” 

The current procedure determined the Chairperson of the Supreme Court unilaterally selects the candidate of the office of prosecutor general, and then the candidate is directed for coordination to the Judicial Council. However, with the new procedure - each candidate will be able to submit the application in person to the Judicial Council and the Council, after assessment of all candidates, will direct the most appropriate candidate for approval to the Saeima. In turn, the Saeima will appoint the candidate directed by the Judicial Council after receipt of opinions from the security authorities.

According to the opinion of the Minister of Justice Jānis Bordāns, the procedure for appointment of the new prosecutor general will ensure transparency and honest selection of candidates, as well as further on the broader range of applicants will be able to apply for the office of the prosecutor general.

The Judicial Council shall submit to the Saeima the recommendation on the appointment of the prosecutor general not later than one month before expiry of the powers of the prosecutor general.

Changes to the law shall come into force on the next day after announcement, and currently it is possible to become acquainted with them  on the website of the Saeima.