Economic Court

On Tuesday, August 4, Minister of Justice Jānis Bordāns will visit the premises of the future Economic Court (EC) in Riga, Mazā Nometņu iela 39, to assess their readiness to ensure the commencement of the work of the court from 1 January 2021.

During the working visit, J. Bordāns will discuss with the management of the Court Administration the next steps for starting the operation of the EC - including the issue of furnishing the court premises and other preparatory measures. Amendments to the law establishing the EC entered into force on 1 July. At present, all the necessary measures are being taken to start its operation on January 1 - selection of judges, development of the curriculum, furnishing of the premises. Initially, the court will have jurisdiction over specific commercial disputes and criminal cases concerning particularly serious and serious crimes that cause significant damage to the business environment and economic development. It is planned that the competence of the Economic Court will be gradually expanded, evaluating its first work results and the capacity of the court.

The competition for the position of EC judge was announced on 22 July. The application continues until August 28. As part of the selection process, candidates for the position of a judge will be offered a training course to facilitate preparation for the professional examinations as part of the selection. All candidates who have successfully passed the selection examination will be included in the list of candidates for the position of a judge. The position of a judge will be offered to the candidates with the highest number of points obtained in the selection tests. As for other candidates, inclusion on the list entitles them to apply for a vacancy for the position of a judge in the next three years without having to pass the examination again.

In order to promote the efficiency of the work of the specialized court and to prepare judges for work in line with the competence of the court, further measures for the improvement of professional qualification are planned. The monthly salary of a district (city) court judge, when starting the performance of the duties of a judge, will be 2984 euros per month (gross).