On Wednesday, 16 October, the Ministry of Justice Janis Bordans participated in the ceremony of centenary of the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia.

In his speech, when congratulating the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia, the Minister of Justice Janis Bordans emphasized the old history of the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia and rich in traditions, reminding that the lecturers and graduates of the Faculty of Law are the founders of the science of law and system of law of Latvia:“The Faculty of Law emphasizes the meaning of academic knowledge in the education of a lawyer, because - like the conclusions of the Roman lawyers say - knowing does not mean to know the words written in the law, but to know the purpose and sense of the law.”

When talking about the professional activity of lawyers, the Minister of Justice admitted that a lawyer should have not only a good basis of academic knowledge, but also responsible, brave, firm and the one that defends justice and true values.

At the same time the Minister of Justice approved the successful cooperation of the University of Latvia with the Ministry of Justice: “I hope to strengthen cooperation between the university and the Ministry of Justice even more also in the future, in order the practice is not and would not be separated from the theory, but in order they would create and protect the value of the legal system of Latvia in a uniform manner.”

Within the framework of celebration the Minister of Justice and the State Secretary Raivis Kronbergs participated also in the opening of the monograph “Comments to the Criminal Procedure Law”. The monograph is a joint work of 14 authors in the scientific edition of the Professor Kristine Strada - Rozenberga of the Faculty of law of the University of Latvia.

The monograph is the first work, where all issues related to the general conditions of the Criminal Procedure Law are discussed altogether. The Minister of Justice J.Bordans and the State Secretary R.Kronbergs showed a gratitude to K.Strada - Rozenberga, who has given a great contribution to the development of criminal procedural rights in Latvia as a lecturer in the University of Latvia by supporting the work groups of the Ministry of Justice as well as by settling the criminal procedure issues.