Press release

On 26 February 2020 Jānis Bordāns, the Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Justice, has made the decision to discharge the sworn bailiff Sandra Jaunsleine from the office. The most severe disciplinary sanction - discharge from office held - is imposed for significant violations of regulatory enactments governing the activities of sworn bailiffs, causing harm to the interests of the state - for undermining the prestige of the body of the sworn bailiffs and public trust to sworn bailiffs as public officials.

The disciplinary sanction is imposed on the basis of the decision of the Disciplinary Commission of Sworn Bailiffs of 12 February 2020, when examining the disciplinary case pursuant to the order of the Minister of Justice J. Bordāns of 2 January 2020. The Disciplinary Commission concluded that S.Jaunsleine has committed significant violations of the Law on Bailiffs, Civil Procedure Law and other regulatory enactments governing the activities of bailiffs, performing bringing into possession of the immovable property.

When assessing the violations of the sworn bailiff, explanations provided by her, as well as the information describing the previous work in the office of the sworn bailiff, the Disciplinary Commission considered that the particular violations are not compatible with performance of the duties of a sworn bailiff, and decided to propose the Minister of Justice to discharge S.Jaunsleine from the office.

The sworn bailiff can appeal the decision regarding imposing of the disciplinary sanction to the administrative district court within a time period of 30 days from the day of notification of the decision. Submission of the application to the court shall not cease operation of the above-mentioned decision.

It was assigned to the sworn bailiff Dace Cgojeva of Kurzeme Regional Court Circuit No.11 to perform the official duties of the sworn bailiff in Kurzeme Regional Court Circuit No.6.