Press release

On Thursday, February 14, Janis Bordans, the Minister of Justice, joined by Raivis Kronbergs, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Justice, and Irena Kucina (Irēna Kucina), the Deputy State Secretary on Justice Matters, had a work visit at the Court Administration to learn the operations and activities of the authority up until now as well as to discuss future development directions.

            Janis Bordans (Jānis Bordāns), the Minister of Justice, stressed the role of the authority in ensuring operations of courts by saying: “The innovative perspective of the Court Administration on the functions of the authority as well as performance of its functions has helped to modernize the justice system, whilst also making the justice services more accessible to the public and improving the overall efficiency of the justice system. Furthermore, the vision of the authority on combining the justice information systems in a single justice and interior infrastructure, centralization of functions and use of artificial intelligence is the right direction on the path towards development and modernization of the whole justice system in a very near future. I am sure that many of the projects implemented by the authority will soon enough change the analytical capacities of the justice and the interior systems, aiding solving crimes, helping in investigations and trials; this will also save administrative and financial resources.” During the meeting the Minister of Justice argued that the Court Administration has done a lot and thanked the management and team of the authority for their immense contribution in raising the quality of the justice system.

            During the meeting the future development directions were addressed, stressing the need to centralize information systems not only in the justice department but also in the interior department in order to make justice proceedings more effective.

            During the visit Edvins Balsevics (Edvīns Balševics), the Director of the Court Administration, showed the Minister the authority’s business intelligence tool, holding the updated justice statistics; they also discussed the operation of the Electronic Insolvency Registration System (EIRS), e-auctions and e-elections, robotization, as well as knowledge export which, thanks to collaboration with the Academy of European Law, Judicial Training Centre and Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), has allowed ensuring trainings throughout the European Union.

              The meeting allowed them to discuss the course of ESF project “Justice for Growth” implemented by the Court Administration, highly praised by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) and International Monetary Fund (IMF).


            Additional information:

            The Court Administration is a direct administration authority subordinated to the Ministry of Justice, organizing the work of district (city) courts, regional courts and land register departments.