Press release

On Tuesday, 23rdof April, a press conference on the government's progress in the first 100 days and on the government's future priorities was held.

At the press conference on the government work done in the first 100 days and the future priorities, the Minister of Justice Jānis Bordāns noted: “The main priorities of the government in the justice sector will be a safe and fair business environment, justice system that is oriented to an equitable result and implements innovative solutions, protection of safety and interests of children, and improvement of the system of resocialization of convicted persons". Assessing the government's 100-day work, the Minister stressed the deofchorizationof the investment environment and enterprises. “During this period, the operation of the Register of Enterprises was made much more efficient – legal, financial and technological resources were provided to identify the true beneficiaries of enterprises and eliminate companies whose activities are questionable and who do not want to cooperate with the relevant authorities. Within a month, the number of companies in which the true beneficiaries are not yet known has decreased by one thousand”, J. Bordāns describes the development of the situation.

Thanks to the amendments to the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing drafted by the new government and the activities of the Register of Enterprises, all risky limited liability companies will disclose their true beneficiaries and the liquidation process of such companies will be commenced by August, and we will conclude the process of identification of the true beneficiaries, emphasizes the Minister of Justice.

What regards to the tax payments and money laundering, extensive amendments to the Criminal Procedure Law and the Criminal Law are prepared for submission to the Parliament in order to facilitate the investigation work of the authorities, to accelerate the progress of proceedings and to focus on investigation and trial of big commercial matters and big economic crimes. We have also found the best possible solutions regarding issues of forced lease and shared ownership.


Jānis Bordāns, the Member of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Justice, at a press conference on the Government's Action Plan and the government's work done in 100 days