Press release

On Monday, 2 March, Jānis Bordāns, the Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Justice, will visit Balvi and Vilaka, in order to meet with judges and employees of probation as well as to participate in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the battle of Stompaki.

During the visit J.Bordāns and Aldis Bukšs, the Head of the Minister's Office, met with Pēteris Novičenoks, the Chairman of Rezekne District Court, and judges of Rezekne District Court in Balvi. Besides, also the visit to the State Probation Service Balvi Division and meeting with employees in planned. Since June of the previous year specialists of the SPS Balvi Division work in the new premises adapted for specifics of the probation work.

Vilaka region will also be visited during the visit, where the minister with meet with the students of Vilaka State Gymnasium and participate in the commemoration “Battle of Stompaki - 75” organized by the region.

75 years ago, there was a battle of national partisans with the NKVD troops (USSR People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs) in Stompaki Bog. The battle in Stompaki is to be considered as the biggest battle after the occupation of the Republic of Latvia in 1945. Hundreds of national partisans participated therein. There will be a Divine Service held at the place of battle within the framework of commemoration.