Fund from the State budget were not allocated to many important measures of the Ministry of Justice, therefore, the Ministry of Justice has found a funding from internal resources and will transfer 2.45 million euros in 2020 for increase of monthly salaries of employees of courts on average by 10%, in order to reach the previously planned 85 % of the group of monthly salaries within the framework of the salary reform for judicial employees.

In 2016 the Ministry of Justice, the Prosecutor’s Office, Court Administration and the Supreme Court turned to the Prime Minister with a proposal about increase of remuneration of employees of courts. It was decided that within a time period of three years, starting as of 2017, the remuneration of employees of courts will be gradually increased from funds of the State budget.

Funds of the State budget were allocated only in 2017, increasing the remuneration up to 75% from the maximum amount determined for the relevant group of positions, within the framework of the regulatory enactment being in force. In turn, in 2018 the remuneration of judges and public prosecutors was increased by 20% from funds of the State budget.

Unfortunately, in 2019 there was no State funding allocated for increase of the remuneration of employees of courts, therefore the Ministry of Justice found a possibility to switch 2.45 euros for this purpose form the internal resources, which will enable to achieve the planned 85% of the set maximum amount in 2020.

At the same time, 390,000 euros from funds of the State budget will be invested in courts in 2020, in order to improve the work conditions of courts and provide courts with appropriate premises and modern information exchange technologies.