Press release
TM: Tiesnešu vidū sasniegts augsts vakcinācijas līmenis

The proportion of persons vaccinated among judges has exceeded 80%, and about 10% still plan to be vaccinated, according to the data of the Covid-19 vaccination survey conducted by the Ministry of Justice at the end of June.

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Justice Jānis Bordāns: “The high level of vaccination is a significant success for the entire justice sector and for Latvia as a whole. Given the current uncertainty about the future of the Covid-19 virus in the country, it is clear that judges are responsible for the country, being aware of the long-term benefits of vaccination.”

In order to promote vaccination in the courts, the first collective vaccination took place in May this year in Liepāja and later in two Riga courts: in the courthouses at Abrenes iela 8 and Baldones iela 1a. The possibility of organizing such collective vaccination in the courts of Latgale region is currently being assessed.

Judges from all Latvian courts participated in the survey - six regional courts, five Administrative District courts, five courthouses and four Pieriga courts, as well as Economic Court.

Additional information:

Additional information collected from the survey data shows that the proportion of vaccinated persons is satisfactory elsewhere in the field of justice, i.e. the proportion of vaccinated employees is at least 50% in all locations and in many locations the proportion of vaccinated individuals reached 80%.