Today, on 24 February, the Danish Court has made a decision regarding extradition of Kristine Misāne to Latvia.

Janis Bordans, the Minister of Justice: “As a minister of the authority coordinating the case of Kristīne Misāne, I would like to express gratitude for successful coordination to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Office of the Prosecutor General. Gratitude should be made for cooperation within the context of this case also to the State Police International Cooperation Department. Besides, I would like to clearly mark the progress of the further proceeding and competences of the authorities. Upon issuing the European Arrest Warrant, Latvia has undertaken to ensure criminal prosecution for violations committed by the Latvian national outside of the territory of the Republic of Latvia. At the moment, when the Latvian Office of the Prosecutor General will receive the decision of the Danish Court regarding extradition - the Office of the Prosecutor General will become as the person further directing the proceeding. Afterwards, the Office of the Prosecutor General has to give an assignment to the State Police, which shall ensure convoying of Kristīne Misāne to Latvia. In accordance with regulation, the extradited person shall be taken over within a time period of 10 days by agreeing on the particular date and time with Denmark. The responsible structures of the State Police have confirmed their readiness to act immediately. In parallel, the State Police has to inform the Prison Administration regarding takeover of the arrested person and precise date and time, when the transfer of the person to the Prison Administration is planned. The arrested person, her representative or defence counsel may submit to the investigating judge at any time the application regarding assessment of the need of further application of the arrest. The Ministry of Justice will continue the coordination work between authorities, in order to achieve agreement between authorities regard solutions, which will not permit recurrence of any new similar cases.”