On the World Intellectual Property Day, the winners of the contest “Trademark of the Year 2018” were awarded. The winner in the category “Trademark for Latvia 2018” became “Zekants” Ltd. Trademark “Pupuchi”, the winner in the category “Trademark for the World 2018” became JSC “Printful Latvia” trademark “Printful”.

Laureate diplomas in the nomination “Trademark for the World” received Ilona Gilberte`s trademark “Coo Culte” and “Hortimed” Ltd. trademark. In the nomination “Trademark for Latvia” diplomas were awarded to “Wearedots” Ltd. trademark “dots.” and to Arta Dauginas` trademark “Blueshockrace”.

The Minister of Justice Jānis Bordāns congratulated the award ceremony participants on the World Intellectual Property Day and emphasized that today, the potential of the intellectual property is celebrated at the international level and people who skilfully use the advantages of the intellectual property protection in their favour are greeted: “Innovation based on the intellectual property protection is the main driver of the development. Intellectual property is one of the main attributes of business, innovation, world development, and “sports equipment”. The creation and development of new innovations today are similar to sports games, where those who care more timely and effectively about protecting their intellectual property are more successful. Skilful protecting of intellectual property rights bring some advantages over competitors. It is only through a focused and creative approach that can create a successful business, build self-confidence and take a step forward for successful development.”

Director of the Patent Office Sandris Laganovskis emphasized: “Over the past seven years, the “Trademark of the Year” competition has become an important and anticipated annual event for the industry. It is positive that entrepreneurs become increasingly aware of the value of a registered trademark and the need to protect it, and also of the importance of creating an attractive and easily recognizable trademark for business development. The winning trademarks will serve as the main marketing tools for the products and services created by the companies, promoting their recognition not only in Latvia, but also in the world.”

Since 2012, the competition “Trademark of the Year” has been organized by the Patent Office in cooperation with the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LTRK). In 2017, the Latvian Designer`s Society (LDS) also joined the team of the organizers. Noting the high added value of the trademark in the company's image and its branding strategy, LDS Chairman Miks Pētersons noted: “The trademark is part of the overall company's identity. The quality of the trade mark depends heavily on how the business will be perceived, not only among entrepreneurs, but also among consumers.”

During these years, more than 630 trademarks participated in the competition. Among them are widely recognized and pleasant providers of products and services. Most of the finalists of the competition “Trademark of the Year” are production, export companies; they are developing, registering new trademarks, which make a significant contribution to the national economy and bring the name of Latvia in the world, representing a broad range of industries – household chemistry, pharmaceutics, wood processing, food production, textile manufacturing, etc.

Jānis Endziņš, Chairman of the Board of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry: “As chairman of the jury commission of this year's competition, I noticed that in addition to well-known brands both in Latvia and in the world, less known companies with high development potential participated in the competition. This year, the jury's work was much more challenging than before, because very strong brands from different fields applied, making the competition even more challenging. This positive trend gives us hope that next year we will be proud of even stronger companies ready not only to develop themselves, but also to deliver significant contribution to the prosperity of the Latvian economy.”

During the ceremony sympathy prizes were also announced. In the nomination “Trademark for the World” the Patent Office presented a sympathy award to Ltd. “Shiro” for their trademark “Bistro Balts”. The Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry presented their sympathy prize to Ltd. “YoPlayDo” trademark. The Latvian Designer`s Society gave their sympathy prize to JSC “Printful Latvia” trademark “Printful”. In the nomination “Trademark for Latvia” the Latvian Designer`s Society gave their sympathy prize to Ltd. “Plūkt” trademark, the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry presented their sympathy prize to Mārtiņš un Kārlis Dambergs trademark “Kalnciema ielas tirgus”, Patent Office presented a sympathy award to Ltd. “Slyfox” figurative trademark and the Latvian National Group of International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI LNG) to Ltd. “AV Energy’ trademark “Kiwi divi”.

Among the winners of the previous years' competitions are such companies as "Labie koki" Ltd., "Abavas dārzi" Ltd., Latvian National Opera and Ballet, "Rāmkalni" Ltd., "Manilla" Ltd., "Marine Insurance Services" Ltd., "Milzu!” Ltd., “Latvijas Piens” Ltd., Jelgava Municipality, “Lattelecom” Ltd., "Enogam” Ltd., and JSC “Spodrība”.