From 11 to 15 August 2020, the Festival of the Assumption of Mary will take place in Aglona. Given the prevalence of Covid-19, the Ministry of Justice and representatives of the responsible authorities inform about the actions to be taken and safety precautions during the festival.


Participation in the festive services on August 14 at 19.00 and 15 August at 12.00 is by invitation only. Maximum number of people in the territory of Aglona Basilica:

  • from 11 to 13 August - 400 persons;
  • August 14 from 7.00 to 13.30 and 15 August from 7.00 to 10.00 - 500 persons;
  • 14 and 15 August from 19.00 and 15 August from 12.00 - 3000 persons.

When the maximum number of people is reached, the territory of the sanctuary will no longer be accessible.

Visitors in the Sacred Square on August 14 from 19.00 and 15 August from 12.00 will be divided into sectors to ensure distance between people.

The entire territory of the Aglona Basilica will be demarcated during the festival and controlled by the representatives of the responsible institutions. Svētavots will also be enclosed and will be located partly outside the festival area, providing access to it both from inside and outside the area.

Visitors to the festival must observe the distance (at least 2 meters) and are encouraged not to form queues, as well as not to crowd outside the territory of Aglona Basilica, for example, in parking lots and at the gates of Sacred Square. Everyone must follow the precautions set by the state and the organizers of the festival, including avoiding the use of shared items, and washing hands frequently and thoroughly.

The regulation of the flow of people both before, during and after the services, as well as the observance and control of public safety and epidemiological requirements, will be enforced by the representatives of the responsible institutions.

As part of the Covid-19 restrictive measures, parking facilities in the village of Aglona will be limited and in a situation where the number of visitors exceeds the allowable number, due to epidemiological risks, stopping and parking in the village territory may be denied.
Pilgrims must book accommodation, as they will only be provided for 500 people. Those who want to stay overnight in Aglona are invited to contact the congregation of Aglona Basilica about the possibilities to stay in the premises of the Catholic Gymnasium.

There will be no trade or catering in the territory of Aglona basilica during the festivities.

Doctors will be on duty in the territory of the basilica during the festival. Assistance will be provided at first aid points in a yellow medical tent and ambulance cars.

During the celebration, be careful near fire and water, choose clothing suitable for the weather. Protect yourself from overheating and heat stroke in the hot weather by wearing a hat and taking regular sips of water.

Those who suffer from a chronic illness (such as cardiovascular disease) should take special care of their health during the festival and follow a health-appropriate regimen, as well as take the medication they need with them. If there is a risk of falling unconscious, you should carry a note in your pocket stating your name, type of illness (e.g., diabetes) and telephone number of your emergency contact. In an emergency, this information makes it easier for doctors to help.

The festival will also be broadcast by the media, so citizens are encouraged to watch it remotely.

Anyone who has symptoms of a respiratory infectious disease or who has doubts about their health is encouraged to stay at home and attend services remotely, thus taking care of themselves and others.

If signs of respiratory infection appear, a face mask / mouth and nose shied should be worn as there is a risk of other people becoming infected. In such cases, residents are encouraged to seek medical attention at the shrine and contact their family doctor.

Please note that persons diagnosed with Covid-19 infection and subject to isolation, Covid-19 contact persons are required to comply with home quarantine and persons from countries subject to special precautions and restrictive measures are required to observe 14 days of self-isolation and may not attend the festival of the Assumption of Mary.

If you visit public places, you can download the “Apturi Covid” app. “Apturi Covid” app is designed to help to quickly determine if you have been in contact with someone infected by Covid-19. By using the app, you can isolate yourself in a more timely manner so as not to endanger family, colleagues, friends and other residents.