On 1 May 2019, the Wistleblowing Law will come into force, which, among the rest, provides for the whistleblower the right to the State ensured legal aid as for one of the guarantees of protection of wistleblower's rights.

If the wistleblowing has resulted in adverse effects caused for the whistleblower, for the solving of which legal aid is necessary, he or she is entitled to receive the State ensured legal aid.




To receive legal aid, please address:


1.    Legal Aid Administration– to resolve a civil law dispute in extrajudicial or initiated proceedings (for example, if a notice of termination of an employment contract has been given) – https://ww.jpa.gov.lv/valsts-nodrosinata-juridiska-palidziba-eng59;


2.    Administrative Court– in an administrative case, if it is found to be complex, when applying to the court, or in initiated proceedings (for example, a disciplinary sanction has been applied to a civil servant) – https://jpa.gov.lv/valsts-nodrosinata-juridiska-palidziba-sarezgitajas-administrativajas-lietas-tiesa;


3.    Person directing criminal proceedings(investigator, prosecutor, judge) – in initiated criminal proceedings, if a person is recognized as a victim or has the right to defence (for example, if service powers are abused or exceeded) - https://jpa.gov.lv/aizstavibas-nodrosinasana-kriminalprocesa152.


A legal aid provider is appointed to provide legal aid to a person.


The state shall ensure legal advice, preparation of procedural documents and provision of legal aid in pre-trial proceedings and proceedings until the final decision comes into force.


Payment to the legal aid provider is made by the Legal Aid Administration.