On Wednesday, 16 October, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Justice Raivis Kronbergs issued certificates to three new mediators, who have successfully passed the certification examinations, and to 16 mediators, who passed repeated certification after having a practice as mediators. 

When issuing certificates, the State Secretary R.Kronbergs emphasized: “Five years have passed since the Mediation Law came into force, therefore, we can say that stable foundation is made for mediation in Latvia. During these recent five years one of the priorities of the Ministry of Justice has been the implementation of the mediation as a modern and high quality extra-judicial dispute settlement possibility in order to make the mediation available to anyone - in Riga as well as furthest regions of Latvia. However, there is still a lot to do, therefore mediators has a very important role for public understanding and exchange of opinions about the methods of extra-judicial dispute settlement. The common purpose of the profession and confidence in the power of the mediation institution as well as future is important.”

Tatjana Skrauca, Inese Brikena and Zane Silina joined the group of mediators and received certificates. While Laima Arija Zelmene, Kristine Darzniece, Dana Rone, Elvira Dombrovska, Viktorija Portere, Dace Jenava, Lelde Kapina, Sandra Aleksandra Hartmane, Baiba Kalnmeiere, Guntra Rinke, Zane Bormane, Iveta Krumina, Mirga Priedite, Ilze Dzenovska, Kristine Brikmane and Baiba Grase acquired the attestations, which should be passed after having a practice as a mediators for five years.

Within the framework of the event the Ministry of Justice received a gratitude of the Council of Certified Mediators for significant contribution to development of mediation and support for activities of certified mediators.


More detailed information:

Already for more than three years the Council of Certified Mediators provides a possibility for inhabitants to receive free consultations in several courts both, in Riga as well as regions, within the framework of which the interested persons have a possibility to acquire information about the nature of the mediation process, course and conditions, and the possibility is assessed to settle the dispute through mediation. More detailed information about the project could be found on the website of the Council of Certified Mediators www.sertificetimediatrori.lv and it is possible to apply for a consultation via e-mail tiesa@smp.lv.

In turn, as of 2020 it is planned to implement the project “Free mediations for family disputes”, providing the state support - a possibility to receive a partially state funded service of a certified mediator for settlement of disagreements arising in the family and being related to the interests of a child. More detailed information on the project and the possibility to apply for the family mediation service will be published on the website of the Council.