Press release

From 1 July 2018, the Latvian sworn notary client portal www.latvijasnotars.lvprovides the possibility to have a notary consultation in video mode, and notarial actions can be carried out remotely. Thus, a person who, for example, is absent abroad, does not have to travel to Latvia if he or she needs the services of a sworn notary.

Issue of a power of attorney or consent, initiation of an inheritance case, getting a legal advice, settling a divorce, preparing for and concluding of a purchase-sale transaction of real estate, making a will – all this is now also possible remotely. In addition, notaries in Latvia are the first and currently the only ones in the Baltics and Europe available to people in such a way – online at

The possibility of video consultation makes notaries even more accessible at times when they are necessary. It is especially topical for about 200,000 people who live and work outside Latvia. But it is an additional convenience also for those residents of Latvia who do not have the opportunity or desire to go to the notary's office. Entrepreneurs, who can now do business that requires the involvement of a notary, are also of undeniable benefit.

Clients may apply for video consultation by choosing any notary in section “Search for notary” in portal www.latvijasnotars.lvand pointing that, for example, an online power of attorney will be required. A quiet and bright room, stable internet connection, computer, camera, microphone and headset or speaker, e-signature, passport or eID card as well as internet banking for billing are required for video consultation.

The cost of the services of sworn notaries in video mode depends on the action to be taken as before. For example, an online consultation costs as much as a face-to-face consultation, namely, EUR 10.96 per hour. The clients can pay for remotely received services through any bank.

In addition, a new e-service is introduced in the Latvian sworn notary client portal, namely, “Verification of power of attorney” – It provides the possibility not only to verify that the power of attorney at the person's disposal is not withdrawn but to verify its authenticity and compare the content with the document registered in the Register of Powers of Attorney. This additional opportunity to verify the contents of the document also applies to the powers of attorney certified by Latvian sworn notaries starting from 1 July 2018. This e-service therefore introduces a tool that provides additional security, since now persons who have to engage in a transaction with an authorized person can gain unquestionable certainty, firstly, that the power of attorney presented by the other party to the transaction is actually issued and not falsified, and secondly, that the power of attorney issued to the other party actually includes the relevant authorization, for example, to sell a property owned by another person. Verification of one power of attorney costs 5 euros.

In turn, in the case when a person has forgotten, for example, at which notary his or her will was deposited or power of attorney was issued, the Latvia's sworn notary client portal in the section “My activities” offers an opportunity to review all his or her activities carried out at sworn notaries since 2006 thus clearly managing the scope and content of the person's legal activities. This service is available for free.