Press release

On Wednesday, 19 February, the Minister of Justice Jānis Bordāns participated in the formal ceremony, during which three new judges - Līga Ašitoka, Edīte Turkopule and Silvija Kuškina - gave an oath to the President of the State Egils Levits.


In accordance with the Law On Judicial Power, a judge shall commence performance of his or her duties after giving an oath. 

The Judicial Council has determined for each judge the particular court, where he or she shall have to perform the duties of a judge - Līga Ašitoka will perform official duties in Vidzeme District Court in Cesis, Edīte Turkopule will perform the official duties in Riga City Pārdaugava Court, but Silvija Kuškina will perform the official duties in the Administrative District Court Riga Court House.