On Friday, 21 February, Jānis Bordāns, the Minister of Justice, will participate in the meeting of the Judicial Disciplinary Commission, where the disciplinary case initiated by him against the judge of the district (city) court will be examined.

Basis for initiation of the disciplinary case - gross negligence committed, when examining the civil case regarding recovery of significant debt from the state authority in relation to construction.

In accordance with the requirements of law, when performing the preliminary examination by the Ministry of Justice, it was concluded that the judge has not performed the official duties in sufficiently professional and careful manner, thus causing harm to the reputation of the judicial power.

This will be the second time, when the minister will personally participate in the meeting of the Judicial Disciplinary Commission, in order to explain substantiation and arguments for initiation of the disciplinary case.



In 2019, in general, the Minister of Justice Jānis Bordāns has initiated six disciplinary cases against judges.

In three cases the disciplinary sanctions determined by law were imposed on judges: in two cases a reprimand was applied and in one case - reduction of the salary for six months, withholding 10% of the salary.

In turn, in three cases the Judicial Disciplinary Commission confined itself to examination of the case during the meeting, without imposing any disciplinary sanction. Judicial Disciplinary Liability Law provides it as an exceptional case.